About Us

About Us

Together 4 Kids is a non-profit charity whose main goal is to introduce kids in need to new experiences, thus improving their lives.

Our Mission: Together with our supporters, we are helping improve the lives of children in need by exposing them to new and unique experiences. We are hoping to inspire and add value to their lives, making a positive impact on their future.

The main charity we are currently working with is the YCS Foundation. YCS has been caring for defenseless children and their families since 1918. Every day YCS gives hope to more than 1,600 children, birth to age 25, in its safe havens, therapeutic residences, foster care, special education schools, and community-based programs. Many of the children in YCS’ care have been removed from “at-risk” situations. YCS provides these children with a safe, secure living environment where they can rebuild their lives and develop the skills to reach their potential. To learn more, please visit www.ycs.org.

Together 4 Kids is a registered 501(c)3 charity.
Every year, we support the YCS Summer Camp with a financial donation.
We provide enrichment scholarships for high school students who exhibit a passion in arts and sciences. Every Thanksgiving we deliver holiday dinners to the local group homes.
Every year at our holiday party, we buy gifts for the children attending. Last year we supplied new coats, hats, gloves, blankets, socks, MP3 players and toys for 125 children.

"Thank you for everything you gave me and did for me. I hope you come back soon. I loved the great games you let us play. You are a friend to me!"